Names will be posted on the website on Monday August 2, 2021


Area I Plumbersí JATC

15800 SW Boones Ferry Rd.

Suite B-3

Lake Oswego, OR 97035







  1. Applicants who have been placed in a pool of eligibles shall be retained on list of eligibles for selection for two years from date of application.


  1. Applicants may be removed from the list at an earlier date by their request; or


  1. Failure to respond to an apprentice job opportunity referral by the apprenticeship



  1. Applicants who have been accepted in the pool of eligibles shall have 24 hours to

respond to a job referral.


  1. Applicants who fail to respond to or refuse two job opportunities shall be requested to attend the next JATC meeting to explain why they should not be removed from the list.Failure to appear will result in removal from the list.


  1. Applicants will be removed from the list if address, email address and phone number are not kept current with apprenticeship office.


  1. When the list is six months old, each applicant will be emailed a letter asking if they wish to remain on the list or be removed.Those who do not respond will be removed from the list.


  1. All applicants shall be treated equally in determining job opportunities.


  1. Any applicant removed from the applicant list must wait for the program to open to reapply and place their name back on the list.