Q. Can an application be sent to me or can I print one on line?

A. You may print the application online but it must be returned with your paperwork, in person, to the apprenticeship office.

Q. Do my high school/college transcripts need to be sealed?

A. No, unsealed transcripts are accepted.

Q. Since my transcripts show when I graduated do I still need to bring my diploma in with me?

A. No.

Q. How do I know whether my math class is equivalent to 1 yr of HS Algebra?

A. Transitional Math and Integrated math are accepted. Any other math class, you must get a letter from a counselor or teacher explaining that the class you took is equivalent to 1 yr of HS algebra.

Q. If I choose to take a placement test what math class do I need to place into?

A. You must test into a math 65 class.

Q. Can I take the math placement test at any community college?

A. Yes, as long as they use the Compass testing. We recommend Clackamas
Community College or Portland Community College.

Q. What if I went to school in a foreign country?

A. Your transcripts must be translated to English and notarized.

Q. Must I complete the algebra requirement before I apply?

A. Yes, the algebra is a minimum requirement meaning you must have completed the math with a passing grade.

Q. Can you make copies of the information I bring in?

A. No, you must make copies of the information and bring with you.

Q. What is required for documenting my previous work hours and referral letters?

A. All documentation from previous employers must be on company letterhead.

Q. Can my hours be documented in weeks, months, or years

A. No, the hours worked must be documented as follows: Joe Jones worked 450 hours for A-1 Plming from Jan-05-July 05.

Q. Can my referral letter and hours worked be in the same letter?

A. Yes.

Q. What is a referral letter?

A. Referrals will only be accepted from employers and should state what type of employee you were and some positive qualities about you.

Q. What if my previous employer is no longer in business?

A. A check stub may be accepted as long as company name, your name,and total hours worked are shown.

Q. What type of classes requiring written direction are accepted?

A. Examples of classes accepted are auto shop, metal fab, drivers ed, wood Shop, drawing, foods, etc.

Q. Do I need to highlight classes on my transcript that may be acceptable?

A. Yes

Q. Once the names are ranked, if I already have an employer, can I become an apprentice right away.

A. No, you must wait until all the names above yours are employed.

Q. Are there a maximum number of points I can get per criteria?

A. Yes, the maximum number of points is listed to the right of the item.

Q. Once my name is ranked, if I find more documentation can I submit it?

A. No. You may only submit more documentation when the program opens again. You must come into the office, fill out another application and then you may submit additional paperwork.

Q. What is a 1038 training agent?

A. A 1038 training agent is an employer that is registered with the AreaI Plumbing apprenticeship program. If still in doubt ask your employer.

Q. What is a registered training agent plumbing contractor?

A. A plumbing company registered in another program.

Q. What is a Plumbing Contractor Non Training Agent?

A. A plumbing company not registered in any apprenticeship program.

Q. What is construction related experience?

A. Laboring, roofing, framing, building, concrete, etc.

Q. What is Industry related Experience?

A. Example, suppliers such as Consolidated Supply.

Q. Can I get credit for all my employers or does it have to be related to plumbing?

A. You may receive credit for all previous employers, ie, car wash, McDonalds etc.

Q. What needs to be submitted to qualify for the military points?

A. DD-214.

Q. While waiting for my name to get to the top of the list what can I do to improve my score?

A. You may take classes at a community college that require written direction such as, blue print reading, drafting, etc.

Q. What pre apprenticeship program are approved for points?

A. Pre-Apprenticeship programs that have been approved are, Women in Trades, ETAP and PCC Trade Prep.

Q. What pre apprenticeship program allows me direct entry?

A. Job Corp.